Food Waste Challenge October 2020

The Food Waste Challenge run by Cambridge Sustainable Food with South Cambs District Council launches on Monday 26th October. The Challenge extends over 4 weeks with an on-line programme of cookery demos, advice and support. To sign up and get more information go to

We’re posting new tips for saving food waste on our SusCott FaceBook page; Use the hashtag #SusCottWasteNot or check the dropdown menu above for more advice and recipes.

Household food waste accounts for a sizeable proportion of our individual greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing food waste is one of the most direct and effective actions we can readily take to bring down our carbon footprint – and save money at the same time. Combating climate change with our kitchen caddies!

Food Waste Challenge – How it works

Participants weigh their kitchen food waste over 3 days (you can request a green waste caddy if needed).

Over the next 4 weeks there will be free online cookery demos from top local chefs, with their favourite recipes and tips for reducing waste. A chance to join a cook-a-long with celebrated chef and food writer Rosie Sykes [14th November] or watch demos by Nick from Jack’s Gelato, Liz Young of The Modern Table and Alex Collis, chef and food poverty campaigner; or choose from more talks, storytelling, and other fun activities to support you in reducing your food waste.

In the final week we ask participants to weigh their kitchen waste again to calculate their carbon emissions saving.

Cambridge Sustainable Food will support you with regular emails and links to events as well as forms to help in weighing your kitchen food waste. Go to

SusCott committee members have pledged to take the food waste challenge – join us and sign up to help make Cottenham the district’s top saving spot!