Reducing waste & plastic

Waste and single use plastic are globally recognised problems for the environment which communities around the UK are taking steps to address. We have an active sub-group putting effort into ensuring that Cottenham plays its part. We have signed up to the Plastic Free Communities network organised by Surfers Against Sewage  this provides extensive advice and support to communities working toward this goal.

We are holding a Mass Unwrap on Saturday June 8th 2024 12 -2pm at Cottenham Co-op store. It aims to highlight the level of plastic packaging in supermarkets and put people-pressure on them to change. Individuals, families, friends and communities can all take part. Simply shop and pay as normal and then unwrap food to put it straight into your bags, boxes or re-useable containers. The plastic will be collected up by volunteers from Sustainable Cottenham and put in empty trollies, to show how much waste is generated in a short space of time. The supermarket then takes it away to recycle or dispose of it. Mass Unwrap is friendly, non-confrontational and tons of fun! Please come along and support our aims by shopping at the Co-op during the event, to help us highlight this important issue.

We are also working on reducing the amount of waste generated by the fashion industry – by holding clothes swaps.

One way of reducing plastic packaging is to use suppliers who refill containers. More and more local shops are offering refills and plastic-free options of everyday products.