Tips about avoiding single-use plastics

At our Eco Fair in March 2019 we asked for people’s tips about avoiding single-use plastics – there were so many amazing ideas! Some are more broadly about caring for our environment, but we have included them anyway. Here are just a few suggestions…

What could you do? Do you have other tips?


Have your milk delivered in glass bottles – they are reused many times (Milk and More)

Buy fruit and veg loose – use paper bags or your own bag

At Home

Make your own soup with leftover vegetables – no use of plastic containers!

Ladies: try a moon cup or washable sanitary towels or look up

Children and babies

Refer to “disposable” nappies as “single -use” nappies

Make your own baby wipes (demos available online)

In your community

If you have a litter picker, go litter picking as much as you can

Ask shops and stalls questions (politely) about using alternatives to plastics