Litter picks and cycle path clearance

We conduct twice yearly litter picks in spring and autumn. We assemble at the Village Hall (at the Recreation Ground on Lambs lane) at 2pm. Refreshments for volunteers are served from 4pm.

If there are sufficient volunteers we also clear and clean up the Histon Road and Rampton cycle paths and the task force for this meets at the Village Green at 2pm.

Our next event is scheduled for Saturday 27 April 2019.

NB for all our litter pick events, children may take part provided they are under the close supervision of a responsible adult.  Equipment will be provided but wear suitable clothing for the weather – we will still go ahead even if it rains.

It is a great help if we know in advance how many people might be taking part, so please let us know, preferably by emailing Peter Pilbeam on or phoning the Parish Clerk on 07503 328401.