Litter picks and cycle path clearance

We conduct twice yearly litter picks in spring and autumn. We assemble at the Village Hall (at the Recreation Ground on Lambs lane) at 2pm. Refreshments for volunteers are served from 4pm.

If there are sufficient volunteers we also clear and clean up the Histon Road and Rampton cycle paths and the task force for this meets at the Village Green at 2pm.

Despite the very high winds blowing litter and plastic sacks about at our April 2019 litter pick, we still managed to deal with quite large amounts of litter in the village while a small team (of 6) cleaned and cleared the Histon Road cycle path.

 Help came particularly from the Beaver, Cub and Scout groups and their leaders and accompanying parents – a big thank-you must go to them.  There was a smaller turnout than usual from other residents of Cottenham, so next time there needs to be more as we can’t always expect the younger set to give the level of support we got on Saturday.

Given the large number of youngsters involved it’s not possible to work out how many hours were done overall by the whole team – suffice to say they managed to get through a huge amount of cake when they’d finished and they all seemed to have enjoyed their afternoon doing good works. 

Oh, and thanks to the cake makers!

Hopefully sunshine next time??  Details of the autumn date in due course!

NB for all our litter pick events, children may take part provided they are under the close supervision of a responsible adult.  Equipment will be provided but wear suitable clothing for the weather – we will still go ahead even if it rains.

It is a great help if we know in advance how many people might be taking part, so please let us know, preferably by emailing Peter Pilbeam on or phoning the Parish Clerk on 07503 328401.