Eco Eats

Why Eco Eats?

Globally our current food system is hurting our planet, being a major cause of both greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss. But with modest diet changes and informed choices, all of us can help to shop, cook and eat our way towards a more sustainable future.

Food waste

Household food waste accounts for a sizeable proportion of our individual greenhouse gas emissions. Saving food waste is one of the most direct and effective actions we can readily take to reduce our carbon footprint – and save money at the same time. Combating climate change with our kitchen caddies!
Cottenham Eco Eats has teamed up with Cambridge Sustainable Food’s year-long Food for Our Future campaign about reducing all aspects of our carbon food-prints. Last autumn we supported CSF’s Food Waste Challenge, promoted online across the district. Check out our waste-saving recipes and tips here:
and to view demonstrations by top local chefs for the Food Waste Challenge, go to CSF’s YouTube channel:

Eco Eats – Looking Ahead

Our original plans for Eco Eats are being reshaped in response to the coronavirus situation. The project will now run through 2021 and the Festival weekend which would have been held this October will now take place, provisionally, in October 2021.

In the meantime we’ll be working through social media and other outlets to promote sustainable food shopping and eating in Cottenham and surrounding villages.

We’re lucky to have a great resource in our wonderful village shops, offering options for fresh and healthy food and a selection of seasonal, unwrapped, locally grown, locally reared or locally baked produce.

We’d love to hear your ideas about eating more sustainably, whether it’s waste-saving recipes, sources of seasonal produce or shopping for different plant-based ingredients. Contact us or start a conversation on our FaceBook page. Use the hashtag #SusCottWasteNot.

Remember at the end of the project there will be a Cottenham Eco Eats recipe book and we’ll be looking for your ideas and recipes to include.

“Stop waste. Stop waste of any kind. Stop wasting power, stop wasting food, stop wasting plastic. Don’t waste, this is a precious world. Celebrate and cherish.” Sir David Attenborough, April 2020


  • South Cambridgeshire District Council Zero Carbon Communities
  • Fen Edge Community Association